Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is my first Styks ever.


Third and favorite.
Of course, fourth and last.

I am working on others write now and I'm hoping to get Vol. 2 out soon. Styks is a FREE program that you can get at any download store online. Click Here:

Comic of the Month

                                    This is my favorite out of 10 newspapers!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Adventures of Bubba! #1 - The Water Balloon

One day, sometime in the 1960's, Bubba was on the school bus to school. His friend Joe or, as some        would call him, Hoof Face (never try to milk a mule, especially when it's a male.more on that later.) was slowly moving  his way up through the bus when the driver wasn't looking. He was trying to get to the seat were Bubba was sitting so that he could tell him something very important. He finally made it and plopped down  next to Bubba. With a malicious grin, he said to Bubba " I've got a giant water balloon at home and I'm going to come over and throw it on you."  "Oh yeah?" says Bubba "Yeah!" says Hoof Face "Well I'd like to see you try!". Timeout. You may be thinking "What the heck! I thought these guys were friends!". I will now clear this up, they're friendship is more like a rival-ship. Every thing is a fight and banter and competition, but they still say they are friends, don't know why. About the nickname Hoof, long story short Bubba says he can milk his mule and says that Joe can't milk his (they each own there own mule-another story). I will leave you to imagine what happens next.   

He still hasn't lost the scar so: Hoof Face. So now we return to the original story. So Bubba ends up have a pretty good day at school  and come home and starts eating his after school cookies in his room. About a half and hour later his mom comes to the room and says "Joe wants you to come out to play. He wants to show you something." Bubba knows what he wants to show him and, if you haven't guessed, it wasn't good. So he climbed the stairs, up to the top room. He went over to the window and peered out. There was Joe, sitting on the grass, indian style, with the biggest balloon ever to be filled sitting in his lap. Bubba got an idea. A wonderful idea. He quickly went to go get his pride and joy, his Buck BB gun, (this was about ten years before the production of the Red Rider, mind you) and returned, carefully and quietly opened the window. I play out the following events here:

Can't really come up with an ending for this one. But I've got this: Don't mess with the Bubbanator!

             This story is based on real, honest to goodness happenings. Bubba = My Father Age 8-16

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weird Image of the Month Vol.2

                              Creepy? I think yes...