Monday, August 27, 2012


I must say I'm sorry. I have been neglecting my blog. I have not fed it in the last... month or two. Be prepared to be fed well blog! This is a post about my life right now. So, as I mentioned in my 'about me' part, I'm a very active member of 4-H. I am involved in archery and poultry projects. Our fair just passed and it was awesome. First, I got Grand Champion in my division (intermediate) for showing my little banty chicken, and my friend got Reserve (2nd) Champion under me. Then, later that day, I got Top Rooster for my little Japanese banty. THEN, I got Reserve Grand on my chicken egg incubator that I built. A day later, I got a blue on shooting archery + Grand for my division + Grand overall! So, its been an exciting and tiring week. Plus, the two weeks before the fair, I had to serve at a local music venue as backstage hospitality (guess that's not so bad...we get to meet famous people!) Plus just everyday life like feeding the chickens, chores, video games and friends. I'm just stayed the night at our friends and were ready to go out on the boat so I can go wake surfing. So until I calm down from the month, my blog might be a little hungry!