Friday, June 1, 2012

A Boy And His Pets

Pets are a giant part of any boy's life. They are fun, entertaining and lovable. But for some boys, pets are hard to acquire. It requires a great deal of nagging and begging and even groveling. This is, of course, a last resort. Here is an example of a boy destined to get a dog: (Rubbing his moms feet) "I love you mom" "I love you too son. What do you want?" She sighs. " Can I have a d..." and before he can finish his sentence, the mom, quick as lightening says " NO!!!". The boy then proceeds to the usual "But mom! This won't be like the fish- I promise!" "No! Now leave me alone!". This same conversation reoccurs millions, maybe billions of times and even when he finally breaks through and he can get a pet, its something stupid like a fish or a parrot. Then, there are the lucky boys, like me, who live on a farm or false farm which have many, many animals. As a matter of fact I have too many animals. You know what-here they are:

Here's my dog, Nutmeg.
                                                           Here's My Dog, Nutmeg.

                                                            Man's Best Friend. (And A Boy's!).

                                                            Bella (left) and Tink (right).

                                      Rockie, Cheepers and Marley. (can't really tell them apart)    

                                                 Frank                                     Daisy





                                                                Harley the Rooster


                                                                                              Johny Lang         


                                                        Alice, the Brazilian Muscovy Duck.

                                                       Fro and Wiggy, my 4-H Show Birds.

                                                             Shadow, my Dwarf Hamster.

                                                    Chugger, my brother's Dwarf Hamster.

                                                           And my dad's pet worm, Wiglet.

As you can see, I have lots of pets. Just beware, cage cleaning day! A Boy's worst nightmare. Also a way for the mom to get back at the boy for all of the begging! (Mom evilly laughs) BwwaaaaaHaahaaahaa!!!! You missed a spot! BwwaaaaaHaahaaahaa!!!!


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  1. You have more pets than I have met so far, Logan. I never heard of pigmy hamsters before! I like the name of your dad's worm...

    Mrs. Callen